What do you need to pay attention to during the use of the hub low pressure casting machine?


The implementation of low-pressure casting is required to be applied to the low-pressure casting machine of the wheel hub. It is required to apply low-pressure casting technology in the automotive industry, instrumentation, aerospace and other consumption. However, during the period of application of the low-pressure casting machine of the wheel hub , there will be many unexpected safety incidents in China's life, and there are many hidden dangers of China's life.

  1. In the whole process of the low-pressure casting machine of the wheel hub, the fitness parts of the wheel will have the risk of pinching, cutting, impacting and coiling for personal safety.

  2. Because of the external factors, the obtuse angle and the bevel angle of the hub low-pressure casting machine will cause the risk of stab or scratch on the personal safety.

  3. Wheels and low-pressure casting machine parts are used in the whole process, because of the risk of looseness, looseness, falling or breaking, cracking, smashing out, etc.

  4. The low-pressure casting machine of the wheel hub has the risk that the spare parts that will be autonomously exercised under the influence of the force or the malfunction of the uncontrollable exercise will be generated.

  5. There is a risk of staff falling when climbing a job (overhaul or maintenance). Around the low-pressure casting machine of the hub, there will be a risk of falling and falling of the staff. It is risky for the maintenance staff to actually operate the indoor space is small or the actual operation is troublesome.

  6. The key to the low-pressure casting machine of the hub is composed of a part of the server, the hydraulic transmission system, the solution type holding furnace, the liquid level charging equipment, the electrical system and the grinding and cooling system. It is a general-purpose equipment for low-pressure casting of such aluminum alloy profiles. Below, everyone will take a look at the common problems and safety precautions of the application.

Common problems in the application of the hub low pressure casting machine:

1. Mechanical operation reminder

1 In the whole process of the low-pressure casting machine of the hub, due to poor practical operation, each of the fitness parts will have problems such as extrusion, impact and coiling of the body;

2 The spare parts will be in the initial design, because the elements such as the sharp horns will cause problems such as stabs or scratches on the workers, so pay special attention to the safety of the operation process;

3 When the spare parts are in operation, the risk of looseness, looseness and falling will occur due to embrittlement or no tightening, so the worker will be safely reminded during the actual operation;

4 If the machine equipment is too long during working hours, it will cause personal failures such as component failure or autonomous fitness due to the danger of the force;

2, pressure fluid mechanics reminder

1 Pay special attention to the large working pressure of the hydraulic machine of the low-pressure casting machine of the wheel hub and its pneumatic control module, which can not exceed the rated pressure set earlier in the system software;

2 The accumulator must be inspected and capable of being disassembled or overhauled under complete pressure relief;

3, electrical equipment reminder

1 The worker should not immediately touch the parts that are exposed to the induction or the components such as the power transmission electronics, or else the high-voltage electric shock and the fall will occur;


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