Precautions to be aware of differential pressure casting machines


Problem 1: In the forging of abrasive tools, what is the difference between differential pressure casting machines?
 A: The rolling casting machine, which is based on the hydraulic cylinder to the servo controller injection head, so that the liquid or semi-liquid metal is added to the grinding tool at a higher rate, and slowly under the pressure Condensation molding.  In the low-pressure casting machine, the composite four-column hydraulic machine is formed into the cavity of the grinding tool according to the tire pressure standard, and the tire pressure standard is smaller than the steam pressure.
 Problem 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of differential pressure casting machines?
 Answer: The high efficiency of forging and forging is not allowed to be quenched and tempered.  The low-pressure casting machine is not as efficient as the calendering, but the iron castings it obtains can be quenched and tempered, and have a big advantage, that is, the working pressure and rate of precast concrete are predictable.  The usage rate is equivalent to high, and the vast majority can exceed 95% up and down.  In addition, the industrial equipment structure of the two is different, and the charging computer operating system of the low-pressure casting machine is more complicated.
 (1) Working pressure calcination leads to the professional ability of the shape. That is to say, the concrete engineering block is placed in the semi-type, and the liquid can be quickly filled according to the working pressure after the combination.  The operation process is very simple, but the cast iron parts are very prone to air outlet defects.
 (2) Tire pressure standard forging and mechanical pumping and infiltration leading to shape professional ability means that the composite material liquid is embedded into the concrete material according to the air pressure, and then made into a concrete engineering type, and the operation process is very simple.
 Problem 3: What are the common raw materials for forging?
 Metal composite materials: sand, epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, plastic and other product design raw materials, composite materials: lead, copper, iron, aluminum and other aluminum profiles.
 Problem 4: What is the key to the high and low pressure casting machine?
 A: Rolling casting machines can be used for shell-like cast iron parts, while low-pressure casting machines are key to solid-type cast iron parts.
 Problem 5: Direct cost problem?
 Answer: Rolling forging is not suitable for small amount of forging, so the cost of direct sales is relatively high, so it is proposed that rolling forging should be a lot of forging.  Low-pressure casting is not easy, small production and mass production can be.  However, everyone still has to consider what kind of cast iron pieces to be forged, and the quality of the products cannot be lost due to low cost, depending on the situation.

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