The basis of the abnormality of the quantitative casting furnace


The fundamentals of the quenching furnace furnace failure are: abnormal gas flow and abnormal furnace. Abnormal gas flow distribution mainly includes suspended materials, pipelines, airflow, collapsed materials, etc.; the abnormality of the hearth is usually caused by insufficient heat accumulation such as furnace accumulation and furnace cooling. Furnace accumulation and furnace cooling are difficult to handle, long cycle, and easy to repeat. The adjustment of abnormal gas flow is mainly based on the consideration of charging and tapping, and the main factors are taken into consideration. There are many factors in the abnormality of the quantitative casting furnace. The following statistics include the abnormal conditions caused by the furnace, the abnormality of the furnace caused by the abnormal cloth, the abnormality caused by the deterioration of the original fuel quality, the abnormality of the furnace caused by the abnormal iron output, and the long-term low material. The abnormal condition of the furnace caused by the line operation and the abnormal composition of the slag iron provide a technical reference for the long-term high-level antegrade stabilization of the quantitative casting furnace.

1. Soon after, the standard air pressure heat insulation and pouring furnace has been selected. The metallographic, physical properties and processability of the casting itself are higher, and the product quality is more stable.

2, productivity increase of about 30%, wind pressure line design does not depend on the movement of the casting machine, dicing and the waiting for capital turnover of iron flow rhythm imbalance and other factors.

3. Quantitative and stable pouring, the hot metal should not be caused by the manual manipulation of the deviation of the original pouring machine caused by the overflow of the upper tank surface.

4. The standard air pressure heat insulation and pouring furnace must be replaced with multiple plug rods and rubber inlet bricks every day to ensure safe production and pouring.

5. The application of the holding furnace and the cupola synergistic application makes it have the necessary effect of double smelting, not only low cost, but also the heat pipe heat dissipation and sealing of the casting parts are stronger and more reliable due to the improvement of quality. .

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