Hebei low-pressure casting machine common faults and solutions


In the use of low-pressure casting machines, it will cause some mechanical failure problems, thus hurting the low-pressure casting machine to run without problems.  Everyone must have an immediate fault test to repair the bottom die casting machine without problems.
 The common mechanical failures of low pressure casting machines are:
 Low-pressure casting machine 1. The hydraulic control system cannot raise the mechanical failure problem that the hydraulic control system of the low-pressure casting machine can't rise. It is necessary to check whether the pressure controller is open without any problem. If it is found that it is turned off, the main power switch needs to be turned on.  Then check whether the oil motor, electrical equipment control circuit, thermal relay is started, check the structure of the bottom pressure casting machine, check the tightness of the pressure adjustment plate inside the bottom casting machine, the damage level of the RF connector, and the leakage of the steam pressure valve. In the case of oil, etc., if the above abnormal conditions are found, appropriate precautions should be taken.
 2. The rising level of the pump pressure is too high. If there is a vapor inhalation on the suction side of the hydraulic pump, please check the cause before performing maintenance.  It is found that the inlet filter is clogged and must be removed immediately. If the damage is serious, the relative parts can be removed.  Sometimes the application time is too long, which will cause the noise of the hydraulic pump to expand. The reasons are as follows:
 1. The hydraulic pump and the shaft of the motor move;
 2. The rotational speed of the hydraulic pump is not compliant;
 3. Actuating oil air pollution;
 11. Actuate the remaining oil reduction;
 4. The closed portion of the pump shaft of the hydraulic pump has a vapor trap.
 The pressure rise of the hydraulic pump pressure for the low-pressure casting machine is too high, and the method of repairing the hydraulic pump can be preferentially selected, and then it is confirmed whether the number of rotations is no problem.
 3. The main reasons why the main hydraulic cylinder does not work and the main hydraulic cylinder of the low-pressure casting machine does not work are as follows:
 1. The steam pressure valve of the low pressure casting machine does not work;
 2. The attitude of the electro-hydraulic reversing valve of the steam pressure automobile relay of the low-pressure casting machine is relatively slow;
 3. The power circuit control loop and the steam pressure control module have failed.
 At the beginning, you can check the steam pressure valve, establish the position and cause of the mechanical failure caused by the steam pressure valve of the bottom pressure casting machine, and then confirm whether the wiring of the control panel of the bottom pressure casting machine is disordered, dropped or broken.  Then choose the appropriate solution based on the relative situation.

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