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What are the forms of quick change cookers?


(1) The form of the quick-change furnace is classified according to the safe operation method.
1 The structure of the mobile kiln in which the kiln is burned with heavy oil is burned. The combustion system software contains multiple gases and re-gas, and the gas passes through the gas controller to the burner brick.
2 Tilting type kiln tilting type kiln is divided into two categories: management center tilting and forward tilting according to the tilting support point.
In addition to the human resources of the management center tilting support points, motors, hydraulic machines, hydrostatic pressure, etc. are applied. For example, it is called the front-end support point hydraulic machine tilting type, the management center support point power engineering tilting type.
The tilting of the tilting furnace of the hydraulic press at the front support point indicates that the furnace is in the safe operation of the freshly baked furnace. The good one is the front support point type, because it ensures that the fresh copper ratio of the copper liquid will not change. The freshly baked parts of the management center support point have changed a lot, and the actual operating standards have changed dramatically.
3 Mobile heat preservation furnace for smelting light aluminum alloy In the furnaces of 1 and 2, the upper end of the furnace cover is open, and the raw materials are heated by the sprayed flame. However, the special-purpose holding furnace does not have to do that, but it is necessary to spare no effort to reduce the smoke exhaust system from the upper end according to the actual operating standard, and to use the chimney exhaust system method.
(2) One part of the turbine blower motor and the turbine blower for the alloy copper bismuth furnace which are commonly used at the present stage of ignition equipment. The effect of the two is to produce multiple gases. The former is to show the gas again. The highlight of the device is either to increase the rate of melting or to fully manipulate the molten atmosphere. The same method is used for burning heavy oil and liquefied gas. Another one is the use of a nozzle and a blower motor to make an integrated cup-type nozzle. Although the atmosphere in the furnace is difficult, it is light, very easy to move, and has a low price in addition to the very large size of the nozzle.
(3) When the operating atmosphere in the furnace melts the alloy copper, the atmosphere in the furnace is very harmful to the molten metal material, and it is very easy to digest and absorb the chlorine gas and the quality of the melt is reduced.
In other words, the gas overcapacity index of the heavy oil furnace is slightly larger than that of the gas stove, otherwise it cannot be completely ignited. This saving is a bit of a discussion of the operating conditions of the furnace, but it is important to know the characteristics of various types of furnaces. It is very important to thoroughly understand the characteristics of the atmosphere in the furnace and is extremely important for the production of cost-effective products.

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